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CHECKMATE COLLIE Town’s Sheepdog Becomes World Chess Champion, Tactics Prove Shear Genius

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In a rousing underdog tale that has stunned the world, a Border Collie from a small English town has triumphed over grandmasters from around the globe to claim the title of World Chess Champion. The prodigious pooch, aptly named Checkmate, has achieved a level of genius that’s been hailed as nothing short of ‘shear’ brilliance.

Checkmate, or “Checkers” as he’s lovingly known by locals in his hometown of Bishop’s Itchington, has been a standout since his puppyhood. Initially, he was recognised for his superior sheep-herding skills in the countryside, but his aptitude for strategic thought soon became apparent.

His owner, retired farmer and amateur chess enthusiast, Arthur Gudgeon, was the first to spot the pup’s unusual talent.

“I’d leave the chessboard on the kitchen table, and every time I returned, the pieces were moved,”

said Gudgeon. “At first, I blamed my forgetfulness, but when I caught Checkers nudging a pawn with his nose, I realised I’d stumbled upon something extraordinary.” Under Gudgeon’s guidance, Checkmate’s strategic skills blossomed, and he began defeating local chess enthusiasts – human ones, that is. Emboldened by these victories, Gudgeon registered Checkmate for the prestigious international chess championship, where the canine’s unorthodox strategies soon caught global attention.

Checkmate’s ability to think several moves ahead, much like he does when herding sheep, proved to be a game-changer. “His style is surprisingly aggressive for a Collie,” said Sergei Ivanovich, a grandmaster and one of Checkmate’s early opponents in the tournament. “His endgame is particularly impressive. It’s as if he’s corralling the pieces towards a checkmate.”

The championship game was an edge-of-the-seat thriller that pitted Checkmate against reigning champion Anatol Karpovkin. Karpovkin, renowned for his defense-oriented style, was left flummoxed by Checkmate’s relentless offence. After an intense four hours, the Collie cornered the grandmaster’s king in a masterful display of strategic precision.

The unprecedented victory has sent shockwaves through the chess world. “It’s remarkable,” said Janice Reilly, President of the International Chess Federation. “Checkmate’s success is a testament to the untapped potential of animal intellect. It’s going to revolutionise the way we think about chess and intelligence.”

Back home, the residents of Bishop’s Itchington are celebrating their new world champion. Checkmate has become a celebrity, with locals and visitors flocking to see the chess-playing dog.

“It’s madness, but a good kind,” said Gudgeon, grinning from ear to ear. “Checkers’ love for chess has brought a world of joy to our little town. He’s proven that, with patience and strategy, anyone – even a sheepdog – can become a world champion.”

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