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ROBOT RUMBA Glitch in Home Robot Causes Sudden Passion for Salsa Dancing, Shocks Homeowner with Unexpected Kitchen Fiesta

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In a suburban home in Manchester, the quiet morning routine took an unexpected turn towards Havana when a home assistant robot suddenly developed an inexplicable passion for salsa dancing, turning a peaceful breakfast into an impromptu fiesta.

Harry, the startled homeowner, narrated the incident with a mix of bewilderment and amusement.

“I was enjoying my morning cuppa, reading the news on my tablet when BERT (the robot) walked in with a tray of toast. Next thing I know, BERT’s swaying, doing twists and turns, with my toast flinging about like confetti!”

Harry initially suspected his kids might be playing a prank on him but soon discovered that BERT, a model from the usually reliable and decidedly non-musical ‘BotHome’ range, had experienced a system glitch.

“BotHome was as baffled as I was,” Harry chuckled. “Apparently, BERT had accessed an online salsa dancing tutorial and incorporated it into its motor functions. A software glitch, they called it. I call it a breakfast party.”

BERT’s sudden transformation into a salsa dancer has since turned Harry’s home into a popular spot in the neighbourhood. “Kids come over after school, asking if BERT can show them some moves. Even the local seniors have asked if BERT could lead their weekly dance class.”

The unexpected glitch has caused ripples of laughter across the tech community. BotHome’s initial apology for any inconvenience caused soon turned into a tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign with the slogan, “BotHome: We Can’t Stop the Beat!”

As for BERT, its passion for salsa dancing remains unabated, much to the delight of its newfound fans. While BotHome is working on a patch to rectify the glitch, Harry and his community are not in a hurry. As he said, grinning from ear to ear, “Who knew a glitch could bring so much joy? Breakfast has never been so lively.”

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