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MOORS' MELODY Baht ‘at Belting Out as Britain’s New Anthem Contender

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Yorkshire, a place of puddings, flat caps, and tea so strong it could bench press a tractor, has decided that the UK’s current national songbook is missing a certain… Yorkshireness. Enter the iconic Yorkshire folk song, “Ilkley Moor Baht ‘at”, now being pushed by zealous Yorkshire folk as the contender for the UK’s national anthem.

The song, for the uninitiated, means “On Ilkley Moor without a hat” and is essentially a ditty about the risks of traipsing around the chilly moorlands sans protective headgear. Yorkshire always did have a practical side.

Local pub owner, Barry Binglethorpe, opined on the matter,

“Just imagine the national football team belting it out before a match. Gives me goosebumps, it does! And a craving for a Yorkshire pud.”

A grassroots movement has arisen, with everything from social media campaigns to “Baht ‘at” street parties popping up in towns from Sheffield to Skipton. While some might dismiss it as a bit of northern whimsy, this song has struck a chord (pun intended) with many.

“An anthem should resonate, and this one has ‘Yorkshire’ written all over it, in bold, underlined twice, with a cuppa on the side!” stated Sir Barnaby Cloggs, a music historian with a penchant for flat caps.

Next on the calendar for the “Baht ‘at” brigade is a grand sing-along event set at the majestic ruins of Whitby Abbey. Expected to draw thousands, the event is sure to elevate the song’s national (and perhaps international) profile.

Where were we? Ah, the anthem. The “Crown the Moor Melody” online petition has not only dominated Yorkshire Facebook feeds but has also raked in hundreds of thousands of signatures. Scrolling through the comments section is like taking a walk through the proud history of Yorkshire itself.

“It’s high time our anthem resonated with the warmth of a Yorkshire pie and the wisdom of wearing your hat on a cold day,” quipped Mandy Featherwhistle, the petition’s founder. “Why should our anthem only celebrate the monarchy when it could also offer solid sartorial advice?”

And the whispers? They say even King Charles was seen tapping his royal foot to the tune at a recent shindig in the Yorkshire Dales. If true, that’s some regal endorsement right there!

While the campaign is all fun and melodies, its impact on local businesses has been notable. Sales of flat caps, Yorkshire tea, and even sheet music for “Ilkley Moor Baht ‘at” have seen a considerable boost. Even schools have jumped on board, with children being taught the tune’s lyrics and history in class.

The ultimate test, however, awaits in Parliament. While discussions are yet to take place, one wonders if the halls of Westminster will soon echo with this Yorkshire melody. It might be a long shot, but Yorkshire has seen long shots turn to reality before.

The fervour, the passion, the unyielding belief in a cause — that’s Yorkshire for you. And if all else fails? Well, they still have their anthem, their pride, and, most importantly, their hats.

Here at The Witty Whistle, we’ve already got our flat caps at the ready. Until then, we raise our tea mugs and say, “Cheers to Yorkshire’s spirit!”

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